Addenbrooke's Hospital and Papworth Hospital

Addenbrookes Hospital - - 1190416

Pelican Computing wrote the Tissue Bank database that is in use at both Addenbrooke's and Papworth Hospitals.

At Addenbrooke's Hospital Pelican Computing wrote the Brain Bank database.

Also at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Pelican Computing worked for the Clinical Gerontology Unit to design and support databases for a 5 year Vitamin D clinical postal trial of 2700 people. The results are published in the British Medical Journal with acknowledgement for Pelican Computing.

Pelican Computing designed and wrote the Addenbrooke's mortuary database.

Newcastle University and Southampton University


Pelican Computing wrote the databases at the Newcastle University Anatomy and Clinical Skills department and the Southampton University Centre for Learning Anatomical Sciences that are used to track prosections used for teaching.



"The database Pelican Computing created is an invaluable tool for the work we do on the organization of professional placements for the Primary PGCE trainees. The school placement allocation process is a complex one which takes into consideration a number of different factors that the database allows us to track. It has been in use since 2008 and since then Pelican Computing has always been available to help with any queries or requests we might have, such as updating it to run with Windows 10."
(Kate Hardcastle, School Placements Coordinator and Anne Herriot, School Partnership Administrator, Primary PGCE)

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