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Just because you're not in Cambridge doesn't mean Pelican Computing can't help you.

Prospect Management Services (PMS)

PMS, based in Ripon, North Yorks, provides marketing and business strategy consulting services in food, agribusiness and related bioscience sectors. Pelican Computing designed web-based software for PMS that is used by companies to analyse and compare business data and practices. It has a generic design so that it can be used by Prospect Management's clients from multiple industries.

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"The database Pelican Computing created is an invaluable tool for the work we do on the organization of professional placements for the Primary PGCE trainees. The school placement allocation process is a complex one which takes into consideration a number of different factors that the database allows us to track. It has been in use since 2008 and since then Pelican Computing has always been available to help with any queries or requests we might have, such as updating it to run with Windows 10."
(Kate Hardcastle, School Placements Coordinator and Anne Herriot, School Partnership Administrator, Primary PGCE)

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